28 weeks

I’m revisiting my success story and plan as I start a new round of Maintenance FANS.  It’s not really much new, but the emphasis on different things shifts over time.  Do things shift because of where I am, or is it seasonal?  Like when I started maintenance I was really focused on attitude and mental issues, but it was also winter then.  Then I came to a greater appreciation of fitness and body composition.  Now I’m back to focusing on diet and physiology.

Why was I overweight?
I was overweight even as a kid.  I think I just had a preference for sweets and a disinclination to move, like what we see with the childhood obesity today.  As I got older I had some idea that I should try to lose weight, but I almost never lost more than a few pounds.  I was easily drawn in by strategies that said they would be easy or fun or rely on some secret trick.  I eventually settled into a belief that I was meant to be overweight, but age and injury started nudging me into the obese range.
Was there a moment when you decided to do something about it?
There was a series of events.  First, I faced my highest weight of 212.  I hadn’t weighed myself in years, but I was helping my sister weigh her baby who was really small.  Then my husband turned 40 and I knew my birthday was around the corner.  I started losing weight and cut sugar, but then we had our 5th child.  When I found myself back at my 40th birthday weight, I decided it was again time to do something.  This was January 2012.
How did you lose the weight?
I started out tracking my food, and I started losing about a pound a week.  I originally just wanted to get out of the obese range. But as I saw how well tracking workedl, and I saw what others had achieved, I decided to strive for a healthy BMI.  They say calories are king, but you don’t win chess with kings.  I tracked water, veggies and fruits, protein, fiber, and eventually sodium as I gradually built a nutritional strategy that allowed me to feel relatively satisfied at an effective calorie range.  I had good intentions for exercise, but sparkpeople and later fitbit were key in turning my intentions into action.  As 2012 came to a close I reached my goal weight of 165.  Most importantly, I trusted the process and didn’t let apparent setbacks derail me, and I pursued the mental furnishings of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
What is different about your life now?
1.  I have a lot more energy.
2.  I have confidence from keeping promises to myself and caring for myself
3.  I have a richer relationship with food, more appreciation for its nutritional depth but also greater enjoyment of the occasional treat.
4.  I have developed my physical abilities in ways that I feel I could do just about anything.
5.  I feel like I’ve really demonstrated what being positive can accomplish.
Pictures:  Forthcoming.  I have my NWCR goal in 10 days and I’ll take some pictures for that.  My pictures above:  2010 at high weight (white and green shirts)  at 165 in black, my jeans from 20w to 12, at BMI 25 in pink, and April 2013 in purple.

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