16 months

Since I’ve hit a year of weight loss maintenance some things have changed, and I can see ways in which some of those things could lead to relapse.  It’s like when you have a baby, at first you count their age in weeks, and between 3 and 6 months you start thinking in months, and after a year you have to tally it up when you want to know how long it’s been.

I have been maintaining in a fairly tight range with calorie blocking, sodium management and keeping after freggies and fitness.  (Calorie blocking just means that I eat 500 calories for breakfast, 500 for lunch, 400 for snack, and 600 for dinner.  Those amounts are easy for me to keep track of.  Keeping a running total for the day requires writing things down, and I do wind up doing that sometimes.)  Sodium management means I try to be aware of how much sodium is in things, and between weekends and wednesday weigh in I try a little harder to keep to the recommended intake and not eat things that have more sodium mg than calories.  Water’s really important, it’s one of those habits I almost forget that I do.  Freggies and fitness still take a concerted effort.

I think one thing that is compensating for my relative lack of structure is that I am intensely focused on studying the body and health, so I get continual positive feedback about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and what I’ve achieved.  It’s not external at all, just constantly reading in chemistry or statistics or human development things that make me glad I’m taking better care of myself.


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