Monthly Archives: June 2014

18 months

I had some crazy eating around my birthday, granted my definition of crazy is pretty different from what it used to be.  I mean, I ate at a restaurant and boxed half my entree, then had a piece of baklava for dessert the night before my birthday, because on my birthday I had a midterm.  When I got home I had 250 extra calories.  I guess what made it so crazy was letting it spread across more than one day like that.

But we keep moving forward.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done much deliberate cardio.  I have been keeping up circuit training 4 days a week for about a month now, which I’ll pat myself on the back for.  And this week I’m riding the exercycle while studying, which is quite good.

Mentally and emotionally, well, mostly just keeping it together as I came through mid terms.  Now that they’re over, I hardly know what to do with myself.  Even working out feels self-indulgent.  I do have some paperwork type stuff I need to apply myself to.  Bleh.