The trouble with Eat Less Move More

What the addage “eat less, move more” fails to address is why we were eating more and moving less in the first place.  What more is there to say?  

I think there could be a couple of reasons people eat more.  As an emotional eater, I relied on eating as a way of switching gears from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic.  Put another way, it helped me stop experiencing anxiety and feel calm instead.  

As I’ve lost weight and maintained that weight loss (coming up on 21 of a 24 month goal) I realize how important understanding and managing stress has been for me.  I’d argue this is half the battle, or half of half the battle at least.  If emotional eaters tend to start eating for non-physical reasons, there is evidence that there is another eating style that has trouble knowing when to stop.  This could be more what binge eating is about.  They say everyone overeats sometime, but in binge eating it becomes routine.  

I’d write about fitness and motivation, but I don’t have time. 😉


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