Baby Page of Links

Defining maintenance:

  • Blog from Anja
  • Blog from Tina
  • Define Transition to Maintenance (mine)

Transition to maintenance as a psychological process

  • Mind over body series
  • Consider your story and find your why (Getting Started)
  • Eating like Sane

Road to the National Weight Control Registry (% of registry members are still in the working on weight loss)

  • Thomas and Wing 2009
  • Evidence based maintenance FAQs

Harder than weight loss?

  • Blog summarizing the ADA journal (I would probably need to write this)
  • Blogs on the difficulty of weight maintenance

Transition to Maintenance on the Big Page of Links:

  • Forum threads specifically for people new to maintenance
  • How much should I weigh?
  • How should I track my weight?
  • How much should I eat?
  • How much should I exercise?
  • How do I plan and what other things should I consider?

Books about maintenance:

  1. Thin for Life:  The first edition of this book led to the formation of the NWCR, and it is an accessible overview of their predictors.
  2. Refuse to Regain:  Written by bariatric physician Barbara Berkley.
  3. The End of Overeating:  Dr. David Kessler, the FDA chief who took on big tobacco takes on big food and how salt, sugar and fat work on us like drugs.
  4. Beck Diet Solution: Employ cognitive behavior work to think like a thin person.  There’s also an excellent spark team dedicated to Dr. Beck’s works.  
  5. Slim for Life:  by Jillian Michaels–  Are we serious?  She used to have a BMI over 32, and a lot of her tips will sound very familiar in a couple of years.

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