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Lifestyle Development

I went and saw Gravity last night and that scene where she finally gets someone on the radio, but they don’t speak the same language really hit me.  That exemplifies the challenge we face, that we have something really important to say that most people have no idea about.

The essential issue to me is that maintenance is relatively rare.  I find this a tragedy because losing weight is such big deal (that’s where most people’s attention level is) and I want everyone who has the desire to lose weight to be able to keep that.  It’s significant for health in all its aspects: physical, mental, social.

So maintenance is not just about keeping your weight in one spot.  It’s lifestyle, no longer a lifestyle change, but lifestyle development.  Ongoing lifestyle development is not about things you deny or things you force yourself to do.  It has to be about joy, nurture, and caring for yourself.  Improving your body composition, learning how to cook tasteful as well as heathful.  Taking pleasure in quality rather than quantity.  Sport rather than exertion.  Coping with being attractive.  Learning how to act like someone who is normal without losing that larger than life passion.