Maintenance Workbook

This workbook started out as my personal effort to emulate the STOP Regain study conducted by the National Weight Control Registry.

The Maintenance workbook is a practical guide to the findings of the NWCR survey of 1 year maintainers and its STOP Regain study on teaching those behaviors to new maintainers.  It is designed to be used either as a personal workbook or as a discussion guide for a support group.

I have organized many of the key findings into 3 headings:


These are the basics, the things nearly all successful maintainers have demonstrated.


For many of the maintenance predictors, it is less a matter of what you do than how you do it.


Maintenance is about keeping going when problems arise.  This section is dedicated to looking at what has been show to derail folks, and ideas on what to do about them.

I am not a doctor, you should see a doctor before undertaking an exercise or calorie restriction regimen, information is provided for educational purposes and does not constitute medical advice.

Maintenance of Long-term Weight Loss 2009
The STOP Regain Study
Wing and Phelan 2005


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