Eating In

Successful maintainers eat out less often than the average American, and they eat fast food 1/3 as often.  There is some overlap between this and avoiding situations that encourage overeating, but a discussion of what we do instead bears discussion.

Just because one stops eating out does not necessarily mean one is instead cooking all one’s own meals, though there are benefits to that as well such as the ability to reduce sodium, fat or sugar in meals.  It can also include enjoyment of foods that don’t need to be cooked, like produce, frozen foods, and sandwiches.

Produce doesn’t always have to mean salad. Sautee, stirfry, soups, smoothies, there are many possibilites before we even expand beyond the “s” drawer.  And there’s always those fruits or vegetables you can eat whole.

In my first year of maintenance, I enjoyed turkey and veggie burgers frequently, which I cooked on a press grill a few at a time, saving extras for quick microwaving later.  Like anything, you have to be aware of what’s in the frozen food section, read your labels and evaluate the nutritional value of what you’re getting.  Freezing is one of the more nutritionally friendly modes of food preservation, but there are still highly processed offerings to be cautious of.



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